Pro Lash Remover


Easily remove your Pro Lash looks without damaging your natural lashes. Once you apply this remover your lashes will slip right off. 

  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA Our concentrated formula to remove lashes is a gentle yet effective solution for removing Pro Lash. It is specially formulated to break down the bond between the natural lash and the false lash, making it easy to remove adhesive residue and gunk without damaging the natural lashes. This formula is also free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. 
  • QUICK AND EASY The results are a quick and easy removal process that leaves you with clean, natural lashes that are ready for a fresh set of Pro Lash.  
  • BREAKS DOWN Our formula for breaking down false eyelash adhesive is specially designed to break down the bond between false lashes and natural lashes.
  • SAFE ON NATURAL LASHES Our Safe False Lash Breakdown Remover is the perfect solution for removing Pro Lash without damaging natural lashes. 
  • OIL-BASED Our oil-based formula will condition and nourish, leaving the natural lashes feeling soft and healthy.

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