MixHers Her Boost 15 count

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How It Works

Rethink your energy drink.

Ditch the diet sodas and the synthetic stimulants. Commonplace caffeinated products may spike energy for a time, but we are all too familiar with the anxiousness, jitteriness, and crashes that inevitably follow. But did you know how disruptive these caffeinated products can be to your hormonal health?

Herboost is formulated with only hormone-friendly, 100% natural ingredients that support holistic wellbeing. Green tea extract and taurine offer clean energy support, while L-theanine balances out the caffeine with brain-boosting and calming benefits. It is this unique coupling that make Herboost unlike any energy drink on the market.

Your natural energy support.

  • Supports natural energy*
  • Promotes brain health*
  • Calms the mind*
  • Aids metabolism*

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