Made By Mary

Made By Mary Live In Hoop Earrings


The lightweight feel and durable quality of these infinity-style hoops give a lustrous finish to your look, without the fuss. The cult favorite, water-friendly Live In Hoops allow you to slay all day and sleep all night in the 24/7 hoops that are ready for whatever the next page of your story holds.

How To Put In Live In Hoops

  1. Open the hoop by gently pulling apart and twisting each end away from the other.

  2. Place the earring horizontally so the thinner end is on the front of your lobe and the other end is on the back of your lobe.

  3. Insert the thinner end into your piercing.

  4. Carefully twist the two ends back toward each other and insert the thinner end into the other.

  5. This may take a few tries, but be patient! Once it’s in you can leave it in as long as you like.

  6. Having a little trouble? Try putting it in backwards so the earring goes through the back of your piercing and attaches in the front of your lobe. Or enlist the help of a friend to secure!

  7. Sleep, swim, sweat, and see the world with comfortable 24/7 wear.

  8. We recommend checking occasionally to ensure the hoop is still securely closed.

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