Coolsculpting Treatment in Utah County

Tired of trying to reduce fat without any results? If you’ve been searching for a non-invasive procedure that can help to get rid of unwanted body fat, CoolSculpting may be for you! In as few as three treatments, you may be able to obtain the toned body you’ve always wanted—and without any sort of surgical procedure. Amara Day Spa, voted Utah Valley’s best medical day spa in 2016, is a licensed CoolSculpting provider for both women and men alike. We are happy to provide you with the treatments you need in order to get the results you want. Just give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.

CoolSculpting Before/After

Cycles Price Per Cycle Total BD Points
1-2 $700+ $700-$1400+ 200-400
3-4 $600+ (Locked for 1 year) $1800-$2400+ 600-800
5-6 $550+ (Locked for 1 year) $2750-$3300+ 1000-1200
7-8 $525+ (Locked for 1 year) $3675-$4200+ 1400-1600
9-10 $500+ (Locked for 1 year) $4500-$5000+ 1600
11-12+ $475+ (Locked for 1 year) $5225-$5700+ 1600
20+ $450+ (Locked for life) $9000+

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical, fat-freezing procedure that utilizes controlled cooling in order to help reduce the fat stores in your body that have been seemingly impossible to eliminate on your own, regardless of diet and exercise. And because CoolSculpting treatments are non-invasive, no downtime is required and you can live your life uninterrupted!

The procedure is FDA-cleared, and works by using high-tech instruments that target and freeze your fat cells, which then crystallize and die off. Your body then works on its own to eliminate these dead cells naturally, leaving you feeling and looking more sculpted and fit than ever before.

Other Medical Spa Services

At Amara Day Spa, we understand that different people require different spa treatments and services. If you would like more information about CoolSculpting or any of our other medical spa services, simply contact us today.

Cancellation Policy

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