The Perfect Eyebrows with Jacklyn Thurston

Hey everyone! Welcome to another blog post Wednesday!

Today, we are talking about how to achieve the perfect eyebrows with one our favorite Master Estheticians, Jacklyn Thurston. Your eyebrows frame your face so it is very important to have beautiful brows!


Step one– Map out your eyebrows

Mark three points on your eyebrows.


1. Your inner eyebrow: where the dimple of your nose is, straight up.


2. Your arch: the edge of your nose to the outside of your iris or pupil.


3. Your tail: the corner of your nose to the outside corner of your eye.


Step Two– Outline the shape

Connect the points at the top and at the bottom.

1. The first section is from the beginning of your eyebrow closest to your nose, to your arch. Keep this outline parallel and straight.

2. The second section is from your arch to the end of your eyebrow. Connect those dots to a point at the end.


Step Three– Wax eyebrows according to the outline


Filling in your eyebrows:

Step One– Underline the bottom of the brow

Don’t be afraid to outline with a heavier hand when outlining. We will take care of it in later steps.

Step Two– In the first section of your eyebrow, hold the pencil flat and brush upwards. Jacklyn uses the Smashbox BROW TECH TO GO because it is a wider pencil and therefore, more natural looking when brushing upwards.


Step Three– Outline the arch and fill in from the arch to the tail.


Step Four– Fill in middle section where hair is more sparse and use a gentler touch in fuller areas

Step Five– Use a spoolie/mascara wand to brush up and out

This softens the lines so that it looks more natural. If your lines are too harsh, just brush more.



Preventing Breakouts After Waxing:

Jacklyn recommends that you do not touch or itch the area for up to 24 hours after waxing. The dirt and oil from your hands can clog your open pores.

Another way of preventing breakouts is using an astringent or anti-bacterial serum after waxing. You can also use hand sanitizer if you are in a pinch.


And that is how you can get the perfect eyebrows!

What is your favorite part of your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments below!





January 23rd, 2018|