At-Home Massage

By: Michelle Millward

We interviewed one of our highly skilled massage therapists, Kennedy Olsen, to give us a brief massage that you can do at home!

Sit or lay on your stomach. The pressure the massage giver uses depends on the person getting the massage. Kennedy recommends medium to light pressure.

  • Whatever you do to one side (right) do to the other side (left). You want the person getting the massage to feel balanced.
  • Do three repetitions of each “set”/massage technique.
  • Lotion is optional.



Put your hands flat on the back with your fingers facing out. Slowly pat down the back with light pressure. Remember to do each technique three times through.


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Place your hands on the upper back/shoulder blade area, with your thumbs facing down and your hands slightly lifted. With a circular outward motion, massage the area with thumbs. This area is where most people carry their stress!

  • To relieve some pressure, find a knot (a ball of hard tissue) and press the area lightly with thumbs for 5 seconds. You  should feel the knot “melting.” This is called static pressure.
  • If the knot persists, use “cross-fiber friction,” moving your thumb back and forth using light pressure.

With the same circular outward motion, massage down the back where the scapula and spine meet.

Once you reach the lower back, change your thumbs into fists and continue the outward circular motion. Continue outwards to hips and then back in towards the spine.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetMoving your hands up to the neck, begin to knead the neck with the pads of your fingers.

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Going back to the original position with one hand on each side, apply light pressure with thumbs and move up the neck with an outward circular motion.

What is your favorite way to unwind?


August 30th, 2017|